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A little about me

Hi, my name is Essy Roz.
I’m a Naturopathic doctor, an expert in healthy gastronomy, and a Master in Gastronomic Sciences, Food Culture, Communications, and Marketing.

When you enter my world, you’ll enjoy a place full of love and appreciation for food.
You will enjoy the connection between desires and health,
the realization of lost-flavors and dreams that come true,
and adventures that bring with them physical and mental balance and serenity.

For me, Food is happiness, it’s a radiant smile, it’s a family seated around a big and abundant table, it’s good health, it’s home, it’s an adventure, it’s a way of healing, it’s a way of life.

I started my culinary journey at the age of two and a half, surrounded by pots and the aromas of my Grandma Esther’s food, and since then my love for food has only grown stronger.

When I was diagnosed as celiac, a great desire was born in me to find and invent a new and healthy culinary world, one that’s my own, one that has everything without having to compromise. This is how I traced back tastes and smells, dreams of textures, memories of childhood flavors, different culinary cultures, nutritional values, and researched unconventional ingredients.

During the four years I studied Naturopathic Therapy, I connected the culinary world of delicious flavors and amazing food, with the world of health and wellbeing.

I believe that we are what we eat.
That’s why I dedicated myself to researching the ingredients that I use with great love in my kitchen, which eventually become part of my body and the bodies of my loved ones.
I was mind-blown by how much healing power food has encapsulated in it, how much strength and passion lie in it.
I discovered how much it unites, fills hearts and turns a house into a family.

From the moment I finished my Naturopathic studies, I have never stopped researching and discovering new things.
My journey led me to the city of Bra, Italy.
Here I study a Master in Gastronomic Sciences, Food Culture, Communications, and Marketing, at the prestigious “University of Gastronomic Sciences”.
This current chapter in my journey has only strengthened my love for Mother Earth and her gifts, and has deepened my connection with the pure ingredients this world provides us, and the good they bring us.

Taking part in my journey are those dearest to me, my beloved Noi, my partner in this life, who accompanies me hand in hand on our significant journey together, and my two sweet sons – Michael and Raphael, who teach me endlessly about our food, about our natural place in this world, and how much food can heal us and unite us as a family.

I know that my culinary journey will continue throughout my entire life.
This journey is my life and the desire to share it and reveal it to the world is pure and immaculate.
It is my calling.

I invite you to meet my delicious food that’s intertwined with true health, and join me on a journey that will amaze you.

Sincerely yours,

Essy Roz.