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Red Lentil Bread & Joyful Heart

A little extra from me:

  • The bread can be kept slices in the fridge in a sealed dish for between 4-5 days.
  • The bread can be kept sliced in the freezer. Kindly note, there should be parchment paper between each piece of bread so they won’t stick to each other, put in a sealed dish for two months in the freezer.
  • I recommend toasting the bread before eating it. The tastiest way is to give it a heat stroke on a pan for 2  minutes on each side (No need to oil the pan). Of course you can also toast it in a panini press or toaster oven.
  • I recommend slicing the bread after letting it cool a little.
  • The mixture can also be mixed in a bowl with a beater. This option will take a little more work and longer time to mix. It’s important that the mixture will be mixed very well and won’t have any lumps in it, therefore I recommend mixing it in a blender / mixer / hand blender.
  • I recommend grinding the wet ingredients together with the lentil flour. Grinding will turn the mixture smooth since lentil flour tends to turn lumpy in a wet mixture (Can be grinded in a “shake” blender or hand blender). If you do not have a blender try to mix well using a beater until the mass is uniform and smooth.
  • Click here to see how to grind red lentil flour at home.
  • I recommend using a loaf pan made out of steel / glass not paper or aluminum. The bread needs support and a good heat carrier inside the oven. I recommend using a big and narrow pan for a tall bread. The height of the bread will be affected by the size and depth of your pan. In case you don’t have a stiff loaf pan you can bake the bread in two disposable pans, only make sure to fill the pan up to ¾ of its height.
  • The add-ins can be substituted for any add-ins you like such as flax, chia seeds, whole sesame, white sesame or sunflower seeds.
  • Maple syrup can be substituted for honey. Maple syrup is dispensable for whomever wants to avoid sweeteners and substitute it for 2 tablespoons of water.
  • Click here to see the vegan version of the lentil bread.
  • Coconut / olive oil can be reduced to 2 tablespoons, even though I don’t recommend doing so because it’ll change the moisture inside the bread.

How to grind red lentils at home 🙂

The bread mixture. image: Essy Roz

Bread before baking. image: Essy Roz

Bread after baking. image: Essy Roz

Red Lentil Bread & Joyful Heart. image: Essy Roz

A pampering sandwich with orange lentil bread and avocado spread. image: Essy Roz

Red Lentil Bread. image: Essy Roz

Red Lentil Bread. image: Essy Roz

Red Lentil Bread. image: Essy Roz

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